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We are back after the Summer sharing proudly with you scores and achievements got in these months. Mazzanti Automobili Staff worked hard 360°, from the development of our cars to our presence at many shows and the continuous pursuit of making a step more on tailor-made cars.

Evantra Millecavalli gain a big step forward and this ambitious project seen us working a lot on shifter system strategies, the new forced heated airflow system, M.A.S. (Mazzanti Ala Soffiata), new suspension setup, new aerodynamics add-on and some exhaust system improvements: many precious efforts for as many precious results. In this period many events took us closer to our fans and we were more than happy to show them our cars in flesh and bones on their natural born environment: the road. Mr. Mazzanti put a big effort to be there every time, without cutting time from his commitment at the Atelier. During one of the most significant summer event, an Electric blue-Orange Evantra was one of the queens at the Supercar Night Parade during the Salone dell’Auto of Torino Parco Valentino on June. With many other priceless hyper-cars and big characters from the automotive world, the Evantra drove trough the city under the excited eyes of car enthusiast and citizens of Torino. During Artists Arnaldo Pomodoro and Enrico Ghinato’s exhibitions at the Villa La Versiliana on July, Imago Art Gallery and Mazzanti Automobili organized a big surprise to all the guests bringing a couple of Evantra in the marvelous park of the villa. Visitors could admire Ghinato’s works portraying Evantra Millecavalli and this one there beside in flesh and bones. Another beautiful villa guested our cars during the hottest month: we were invited by our friends of Gran Turismo Events in the breathtaking Ciocco’s villa in the middle of Garfagnana hills. In this occasion we showed two Evantra to a selection of Collectors and car lovers from all over Europe. We closed this summer full of events driving the Evantra Millecavalli trough the hills between Castel’Arquato and Morfasso at the Best of Italy Race and Tour 2018. In this occasion Mr. Mazzanti unleashed the more than one thousand horse-power of our prototype for the joy of all the car lovers came to see and hear it. Mazzanti Automobili was more than pleased to be emblazoned with the #1 as the front runner of the show.

 “These months were challenging and exciting at the same time. We did our best to push and grow all our thrilling projects. Seeing the Evantra Millecavalli evolving in my hands and our company growing day by day is something you never get used to. We are working hard for the present and for the future and… Follow up! You’ll see nice stuff coming!”

Luca Mazzanti