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Locked down, Mazzanti Automobili, the elite Tuscan atelier, turned its passion to something new. And now it is coming: the Evantra Pura. Not for nothing is it called the ‘Pura’ – Italian for “purity”: pure exclusivity, pure power, pure emotion.

But patience is needed for just a little longer – this newest addition to the Evantra stable will be launched by the year-end. And the specification will be formidable.

Raw, powerful and agile are the words that will best characterize Luca Mazzanti’s newest hypercar creation. For the driver it will mean pleasure without compromise.

And you would expect nothing less to come out of Tuscany where azure skies merge seamlessly into rolling hills – the perfect canvas for its gravel roads, tailor made for the eye just like the hypercars coming from its most famous atelier.

For now we can reveal no more; but be ready to embrace Purity – when it arrives you will know it and it will overwhelm you.