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We are proud to announce that Mazzanti Automobili s.r.l. has successfully completed two rounds of innovative financing to help power the next stage of its exciting journey.

May 2020 saw the hyper-car manufacturer launch a round of fundraising in Italy through Crowdfundme, comfortably over-funding, and bringing on board many new enthusiastic investors in here in Italy.

September 2020 saw a second round of fund-raising, this time in London with SEEDRS aimed at raising profile internationally. And despite the challenges of 2020, this round was also successful, again comfortably over-funding.

While the funds are being used to support Mazzanti Automobili’s commercial development plan for the 2020-25 period, just as important has been the inflow of new people and ideas, all passionate about what we are doing. It was a great end to a challenging year for everyone.

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