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The relationship between engines and Luca Mazzanti was forged almost forty years ago. A car enthusiast since childhood, Luca Mazzanti boasts a thorough knowledge of the automotive industry, having been a driver, a coachbuilder and then also a restorer of vintage cars until he became a manufacturer of handcrafted hypercars.

This knowledge and passion led Luca to create something that would leave its mark, something unique and new, a dream that came true in 2002 and which became Mazzanti Automobili.

Luca Mazzanti’s strength was to go against the grain. Rather than being mass-produced, his hypercars had to reflect the wishes of his customers so that only one would ever be produced, a completely customized vehicle, created specifically for a car enthusiast. The result: someone driving a Mazzanti car should perceive superior quality with an innovative and refined design as well as an unforgettable performance.

Although coming from a different business sector, Carlo Pignatelli, founder of the prestigious Italian tailoring company that bears his name, is recognized for his craftsmanship and savoir-faire and shares the philosophy of Luca Mazzanti. Both produce completely tailor-made products, each focusing on the customer, his needs and desires.

It was precisely these shared values and their joint commitment to the ‘Made in Italy’ brand that prompted Carlo to invite Luca to endorse his suits and to wear them at forthcoming Mazzanti Automobili events.

“Whenever an artist creates a detail, he leaves something of himself in his work of art. Both Carlo Pignatelli and I try to preserve the element of craftsmanship, creating bespoke hand-crafted hypercars and tailor-made suits. When Carlo suggested this collaboration to me, I was very enthusiastic because, after all, we both create something that perfectly suits the client.

I am honoured to start this new collaboration and to wear these prestigious clothes produced with the same care we ourselves apply when producing our Evantra”

Luca Mazzanti
Mazzanti Automobili Found & CEO