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Since Mazzanti Automobili’s inception its founder, Luca Mazzanti, has built his company around one defining element: innovation. This distinctive trait has been applied in every activity from the design and creation of the iconic Evantra hypercar to the search for the most exclusive materials to incorporate into each car. This philosophy also extends to the company’s financial activities.

In recent months Mazzanti Automobili has continued its innovative approach, achieving increasingly ambitious goals. Among its next objectives, the Tuscan company wants to increase production of its rare hypercars and to continue its geographic expansion into the international markets of the United States, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea.

Given the great interest and participation in the company’s past crowdfunding campaigns, Mazzanti Automobili has decided to propose once more the possibility to invest in its business, this time through “MZZ tokens” offered through the regulated platform Realtize. The campaign is officially active and will last until the end of the year.

“There are several advantages to be gained from issuing compliant digital securities on the blockchain such as asset transparency, easy tracking, safety, and low threshold for investment participation”, said Carlo Trotta, the Brand Ambassador and experienced specialist engaged by Mazzanti China for developing the presence in the region and bringing Mazzanti Automobili to next level in the metaverse and the real economy.

“Being in the automotive industry since a very young age, I have been able to experience every facet of this industry. In my opinion, having a winning project, strong determination, an innovative and dynamic character is what can make a real difference; that’s why it was essential for me that my company had these characteristics. Thanks to this philosophy today I can proudly say that Mazzanti Automobili is the first hypercar manufacturer in the world to raise money through a Security Token Offering (STO). I am therefore happy to take on a new challenge and continue to involve many passionate admirers of our universe.” Luca Mazzanti