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Born in the wonderful tuscany, in Pistoia on the 1st of February 1974. Since his childhood he has always been enthusiast of motorsports, he did drawings of cars and modifed models, cherishing the dream of becoming a supercar-builder.

Besides his studies, at the end of the 80’s he starts to work in the family carbody-workshop. From the beginning of the 90’s he collaborates with who later became his real master: Mario Faralli. In more than twenty years he has gained his vast experience restoring some of the rarest and most important cars ever made: Cisitalia 202, Ferrari 500 Mondial, the Maserati 450 Costin/Zagato denominated “Il mostro” prepared specially for Sir Stirling Moss for the 24 hours race of Le mans in 1957.
Quite often he finds himself in a situation, where he has to rebuild completely some cars, where the bodywork has been totally perished and nothing else remained but the chassis and some faded photographs. All this, recreating the shapes from alluminium totally by pure handwork.
Meanwhile his huge enthusiasm for motorsports turns into a passion also for motorbikes, which makes him create a really particular ‘special’ on the mechanics of a Ducati. Besides his love of speed makes him partecipating in many hillclimb races with sport prototype vehicles and Abarth restorated personally.

In 2001 he designs and creates a ‘barchetta’ with Walter Faralli for a client and this triggers the birth of the brand F&M Auto. The constant growth of reputation and credibility through the numerous personal projects made for the clients and particularly the Antas and the Vulca led to be one of the acclaimed luxury carmakers. During the years the creations of F&M were invited to the most presigious luxury car shows in the world, as in case of the Antas also in some important Hollywood projects.
In 2011, after 3 years working side by side with designer Zsolt Tarnok, Luca Mazzanti has presented the first mid-engine vehicle by Mazzanti automobili, which is projected to be produced in a small series, each example personalized by the client, denominated: Evantra.