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Luca Mazzanti brought his ultimate Hypercar at Salone Auto Torino – Parco Valentino 2016, for a full Italian World Premiere. The name of this extreme version, the most powerful street-legal Hypercar ever made in Italy, is Evantra Millecavalli, name that refers to the power (of a “thousand horsepower”) of the new 7.2 v8 Bi-turbo engine.

Evantra Millecavalli will be realized in only 25 exemplars and its production will go side by side with the Evantra ones, following the traditional way of Mazzanti Automobili, based on 5 exemplars per year, underlying the exclusivity and the uniqueness of their models. From the 8th until the 12th June, Evantra Millecavalli had been the special guest at Parco Valentino; the copious public of car enthusiasts, estimated around 650 thousand people, came to see in person this artisanal beauty during this particular event  “en plein air”. Also thanks to the night opening of the Show, visitors were able to look at this masterpiece in an original environment.

Luca Mazzanti expresses all his satisfaction, affirming: “The Salone Auto Torino was another great success that confirmed the positive trend which has been accompanying the evolution of Mazzanti Automobili since the last months. Presenting in Turin my ultimate Hypercar Evantra Millecavalli has a deep meaning: the most powerful street-legal Hypercar ever made in Italy, officially presented during a brand new Italian show. Meeting car enthusiasts of different ages that appreciate and admire the achievement represented by the exemplar we brought in Turin, is another huge satisfaction that pushes us to go forward, aiming to reach new targets. Neither the organizers were expecting such a huge number of visitors, which leads to the fact that an innovative and revolutionary project is a winning strategy. Evantra Millecavalli reached an ambitious goal and an Italian record, remarking that the passion and the knowledge that have been our distinctive marks, are essential in our job. Evantra Millecavalli has been getting a stunning and positive feedback by newspapers and media all over the world, and I assure you that this is just the beginning..”