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From 18th to 28th November 2021 the Mazzanti Automobili will be visiting London in the United Kingdom for the first time. While in the UK it will participate in a series of Supercar-related events and exhibitions.

Mazzanti’s ’ambassador’ for the visit will be one of its Evantras. Particularly noteworthy on this car is its rendering: the versatile colouring is almost chameleon-like as it adapts to its surroundings, wherever it goes. Named “Sunset Bronze” by Luca Mazzanti, it is a metalized, triple- layered iridescent colour inspired by sunsets on the Tuscan hills. Starting from bronze, it changes to gold in sunlight before taking on a violet shade in the evening shadows.

The heart of every Evantra is its engine, crafted for the car by Mazzanti Automobili at its Pontedera atelier. Each Evantra is very light, weighing only around 1300 kg depending on the model which, along with the power of the engine, pushes the car to more than 360 kph and from 0 to 100 kph in 2.9 seconds with even greater performance possible in the Millecavalli R version.

Each hypercar made by Mazzanti Automobili is ‘unique’ reflecting its handmade-in-Italy ethos and its ability to adapt the model to the specific requirements of a new owner: every car is a collaboration of design and imagination as a customer visits Tuscany to meet Luca Mazzanti, the company’s founder, and arrive at their fully customized destination.

For further information about the UK Tour and opportunities to see the car including private viewings contact