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Buying supercars with cryptocurrencies, receiving both an Evantra and its NFT: now you can do both with Artvise.

Endorsing the authenticity of luxury supercars, tailored and built as unique models, 100% Made in Italy, thanks to the hottest blockchain technology available: that’s the goal of the collaboration between Artvise and Mazzanti Automobili, each a cutting-edge company – one managing artistic heritage; the other manufacturing luxury cars. The partnership enables the acquisition of the Tuscan-made high-performance cars using cryptocurrencies, receiving an NFT in the process that can be used as a validated document with which to buy an Evantra.

Being sent straight to the client’s wallet, the non-fungible token will certify in an unequivocal way the data for the four-wheeled jewel built in Pontedera, Tuscany and bought on InArtNFT, the Artvise marketplace which can be accessed with MetaMask credentials (with a Binance or Coinbase account) and which is specialised in the sale of rare collections and artistic goods, matched by their digital certifications. Once the purchase has been made, the client receives the physical goods.

In this way, the inimitable works of Luca Mazzanti join the likes of Renaissance paintings and sculptures.