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Tuscany has always been at the heart of the Evantra’s creator Luca Mazzanti and it is here that his dreams were born. It was the strong lines of the roads built into the Tuscan Hills that inspired his smooth and harmonious designs for the first Evantra.

It is no surprise then that Mazzanti Automobili chose the most prestigious Polo Club in Italy – Villa a Sesta Polo & Equestrian Club – to unveil its latest addition, the Evantra Bronze, at their 2021 Kings Polo Master event.

The new and vibrant bronze color is now available for these exclusive Italian handcrafted hyper-cars; a special finish chosen to emphasize and reflect the uniqueness of these luxury cars made in Italy but conceived in Tuscany.

“The striking setting of Villa a Sesta’s Polo Club was the perfect location to launch my Evantra Bronze. The hyper-car and our strong Tuscan sun blended together perfectly, creating a canvass of pure beauty to take your breath away.” Luca Mazzanti, Founder