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Mazzanti automobili is proud to announce the great success during the official premiere in Taiwan.
The past weeks have been very busy for Mazzanti automobili, one of the few independent Hypercar manufacturer all over the world, whose brand is well-known and highly-appreciated globally. A special Evantra in a particular colors combo have been involved in 3 different events from Taichung to Taipei, in order to present Mazzanti Automobili for the first time in Taiwan.

These events were exceptionally organized by the Mazzanti Asian distributor Botteghe d’Italia and Unilife, and this particular tour brought Mazzanti in an area already inhabited by many fans, who had the chance to see the Evantra in real for the first time.

During the events many journalists wrote great articles on the most important magazines/websites, as Chinatimes, GQ Taiwan and many others.
“ I was so glad to be in Taiwan for such great events. The welcome of the fans and the clients was fantastic. It is one more important confirmation of the great job we made during these last 15 years. I am excited to start this cooperation with our distributors Botteghe d’ Italia and Unilife because we are connected by the same philosophy and the same personal values.“
Luca Mazzanti

Botteghe D’Italia is a Tuscan enterprise that spreads the real value of Italian genius and know-how all over the world. In this context Mazzanti Automobili represents the best model, because it reflects the excellence, the inspiration, the competence and the passion of the real Italian handicraft, combined with the most modern technologies and material research. We are proud to start this exciting experience and to celebrate the great success just gained in Taiwan.
Gabriele D’Ambrogi

From the very first time I read Luca Mazzanti’s story I was impressed, I had no doubt: I wanted to cooperate with Mazzanti and to bring his wonderful cars in Asia. It’s been 8 years from the last entrance of a new car brand in Taiwan, and Mazzanti Automobili’s arrival has been welcomed with great enthusiasm. I am so glad to cooperate closely with Luca Mazzanti because, as well as me, he is determined to show niche cars made from enthusiastic people for enthusiastic people and let them appreciate its value through the tailor made vision, a new exclusive concept for Asia.
Tyrone Lin