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Mazzanti Automobili will come back  to the at Salone Auto Torino – Parco Valentino 2017, which will take place in the Piedmontese capital from the 7th until the 11th of June. One exemplar of the Evantra 771 will be displayed on the stage inside the park. Luca Mazzanti, founder and owner of the company located in Pontedera, will be present to show to the people the latest upgrade, realized for his tailor-made Supercar.

The new pack “771” brings important improvements to the aerodynamic that are present all over the body: from the front, to the rear wing. Also the interiors were updated, making this version “771”, looking more alike the hypercar Evantra Millecavalli. Last, but not least, the engine 7.0 L V8 naturally aspirated engine gets and increase up to 771hp (from which the pack gets the name) with the aim of making the driving experience of this Supercar even more unique.

Luca Mazzanti affirms “Coming back to the Salone di Torino, in the prestigious Parco del Valentino, the year after the presentation of the hypercar Evantra Millecavalli, is a confirmation of the solidity that we want to share with all our followers. Evantra 771 is only the latest project that we successfully accomplished, remarking the constant evolution of Mazzanti Automobili. Evantra 771 was born from a concept in between the Evantra and the model Evantra Millecavalli, from which gets the aggressive design. The lines and the overall upgrade are then inspired to our hypercar. We expect a big feedback from the all fans!”