Following the success of Asphalt 8: Airborne, Gameloft and Mazzanti Automobili have decided to continue their collaboration and start a new adventure.

This time the protagonist is the “wild” Evantra Millecavalli which will appear on screens in the “Italian season” of Asphalt 9: Legends. In this version, players will be able to choose Italian supercars that stand out in the international market thanks to their exceptional craftsmanship and high quality engineering.

Since May 7th, "Legend Pass" owners have had a “sneak-preview” by participating in a pre-launch Special Event and have enjoyed dominating the track thanks to the speed and power that distinguish the Evantra Millecavalli from the rest of the pack.

"I am delighted to collaborate with Gameloft and Asphalt and to provide hypercar enthusiasts with a unique way of experiencing Mazzanti Automobili’s universe, especially in this period when physical meetings have been temporarily put on hold due to the health situation. Furthermore, seeing the Millecavalli Evantra being chosen to represent the finest of Italian automotive engineering and to celebrate the “Made-in-Italy” brand makes me extremely proud". (Luca Mazzanti, Founder)

Notes to Editors


Mazzanti Automobili (www.mazzantiautomobili.it and mazzantifacebook) is a manufacturer of luxury hypercars, custom-made and hand-crafted in Pisa, Italy. The founder Luca Mazzanti, always a car enthusiast, has channeled thirty years of passion and experience into making the company one of the most sought-after craft hypercar-makers in the world. The company offers three models, the Evantra Pura, the Evantra 771 (from 2021 the 781) and the Evantra Millecavalli, each personalized and tailored to the individual requirements of enthusiasts from around the globe.