WbyM - EVANTRA debutta su Sony Play Station 4

Sony Entertainment Europe has choosen the exclusive supercar MAZZANTI EVANTRA to further enrich the number of the most fascinating and powerful supercars in the world which compete against each other in Driveclub ™, the racing game for the PS4 platform,

presenting it with this emotional video.

On December 17, Sony will release to the hundreds of thousands of fans around the world a fundamental upgrade of Driveclub ™ which will further increase the already considerable realism and, at the center of it, there will be just Evantra.
See the video of Evantra in "Battling the elements in Norway (Atlanterhavsvegen)" on the official Facebook page of Driveclub ™.
Indeed Evantra will be downloadable on the PlayStation®Store both individually and in the context of ''Elements' Tour Pack” (released at the same time), which will offer 11 new activities with multiple upgrades; between these, two events, including the very first, will be playable exclusively in the driver's seat of Evantra. Of course, once downloaded, Evantra will be available in the whole context of the game too, and players will be allowed to drive it freely in the events created by themselves or to choose it for other races, even in multiplayer mode.
The realism with which Evantra has been digitalized is impressive: in collaboration with Mazzanti Automobili , Sony engineers have used the original mathematical models of Evantra and took hundreds and hundreds of photos, both of the body that of the passenger compartment.
The car has been tested on the track and on the road, on different kinds of asphalt, and its reactions have been intercepted, collected and recorded by dozens of sensors ; even the roar of the engine has been recorded in all conditions, both from inside the car and from the outside; finally, Sony programmers have collected all the data and have virtually recreated Evantra with a surprising realism, even for the Evantra drive testers.
Luca Mazzanti, creator of Evantra, pointed out that "... this licensing with Sony represents a new significant recognition of the important role of this car and of Mazzanti Automobili in the supercar world. More, Sony has perfectly caught the exclusivity spirit that characterizes our car, making Evantra the only protagonist for some events. For us, the best thing of this spectacular game, is that thanks to Driveclub ™ hundreds of thousands of fans around the world will have the chance to try, at least virtually, those unique and unrepeatable feelings that we wanted to evoke with the design and realization of Evantra. "