Mazzanti progetti speciali

Mazzanti Progetti Speciali is the division within the company Mazzanti Automobili, born with the goal of manufacturing custom made projects linked but not limited to four-wheel vehicles.

Thanks to the remarkable experience gained in more than 25 years of activity in every dimension of the automotive sector and culminated with the ambitious project called Evantra Millecavalli, Luca Mazzanti is willing to put his genius and his skills at the disposal of his clients’ imagination.

Evantra Millecavalli, the most powerful street-legal Italian Hypercar and Luca Mazzanti’s latest creation, is the maximum expression of technology and innovation. Always looking at the future, the technical know-how and the competencies the Luca Mazzanti has been acquiring, will allow him to offer to his clients the best cutting edge solutions for their special projects.

“the birth of Mazzanti Progetti Speciali arrives from the exigency of satisfying the requests of many clients that have the most different projects. The final objective is making every dream come concretely true. The primary activity of Mazzanti Automobili, the production of Mazzanti branded vehicles, allow us to constantly gather as many information as possible about the development and the usability of Hypercars, making them available for the unique projects that the clients want me to tailor on them. Every new project, even the one away from my concepts, is for me a great source of enthusiasm and inspiration because it pushes me to test myself and to interact with different visions and concepts. Personally, I think that none should be too much jealous regarding his own experiences and that the possibility of transfer them, allow us to leave an important footprint that will tell our past.   I am proud to launch this new department that enlarges the range of services offered by my company to the clients that aim to distinguish themselves from common trends”.