New Project EV-R eighth official video 8/10

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Another chapter, the eighth, and the gap with the World Premiere at Salone Auto Torino – Parco Valentino 2016 is closing.

Luca Mazzanti’s new Hypercar is capable of more than 1200 Nm of torque sent to the rear axle! This fresh information about the new and unreleased 7.2 L V8 engine that equips this extreme version of Evantra capable of 2.7 seconds from 0 to 60 mph, enriches the data published in the previous episodes. This teaser gives you the opportunity to listen to the furious and engaging sound of the EV-R engine; the roaring of the eight cylinders of the EV-R is typical of a racing car, as well as the usual “whistle” of the turbos that finishes the work. 

“The engine is surely one of the fundamental elements of a Hypercar” Luca Mazzanti tells “We have been making a meticulous work at 360°, releasing a new motor; the number relative to the torque is astonishing, more than 1200 Nm! Listening to the sound of this exceptional engine transmits intense sensations, the same ones that people will feel while seeing the new Hypercar on the road. The twist of the exhaust pipes that gets colored in red, seems becoming alive, turning this mechanical part into an active element capable of revealing all the power and performances proper of Mazzanti Automobili’s Supercars. What ratifies the end of a path, sets always a new beginning for us.. ”    


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