New Project EV-R sixth official video 6/10

in EVR

The sixth teaser of the project EV-R by Mazzanti Automobili deals about braking.

The new CCMR Carbon-ceramic brakes, specifically developed for this extreme Hypercar made by Luca Mazzanti, gain the important innovations used in motorsport. From the video, it is also possible to see the 6 pistons Brembo calipers painted with the Tuscan Supercar manufacturer’s colors. Only four chapters left to the World Premiere at Salone dell’Auto di Torino – Parco Valentino. 

“In order to realize the perfect Hypercar, all the several elements need to be in harmony among each other” tells Luca Mazzanti “When you want to achieve such an ambitious goal, the passion alone is not enough; a deep knowledge of every factor involved in the game is also required: the braking system is an essential aspect. With braking from 201 mph to 0 in only 7 seconds we want this Hypercar extreme from every perspective. The philosophy with which I shaped also this car is based on caring about every detail, without leaving anything to chance. According to us, all kinds of performance are important, without exceptions..” 

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