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Mazzanti Automobili announces the upcoming new “EV-R” (project code) and releases the first of ten teasers that will tell the genesis of the project. The videos, by Nicola Xella, will come out the 10th of each month, until the late Spring 2016, when the frequency will increase in occasion of the World Premiere of the Supercar. 

“A car manufacturer cannot be completely satisfied with what he has just created. For this reason, we always challenge our limits; Our goal is to realize the most extreme Italian street legal car since ever” Luca Mazzanti tells “An extremely meticulous work was made on every single component of the Evantra, resulting in the maximum performance achievable. The “EV-R” will be equipped with many innovations that I will disclose from now on and during the flowing months”.

The specifics of this project are not known yet, but in each one of the ten episodes, Luca Mazzanti, founder and owner of the Tuscan Supercar manufacturer, will explain the development of the most important components proper of this new version of Evantra, produced in a very limited number of exemplars. The “EV-R” project will go side by side with Evantra and both versions will be characterized by the same strong philosophy proper of Mazzanti Automobili, pursuing the highly reliable care of the “handmade” in Italy and the exclusivity of the “tailor-made” cars following the clients’ wishes. 

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