New Project EV-R fourth official video 4/10

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8th June 2016, keep in mind this date, because the world of Automotive will not be the same.

 The eighth of June 2016 is the day when the new extreme Hypercar of Luca Mazzanti will appear in its World Premiere. On the most prestigious stage of the Salone dell’Automobile di Torino – Parco Valentino, Mazzanti Automobili will present the most extreme street legal car ever built in Italy. The official data are not known yet, but the car manufacturer from Tuscany promises sky-high numbers.

In the fourth teaser the “mechanical heart” that equips this extreme version of Evantra is entirely revealed: the two big turbos, filmed in close-up, leave few room for imagination in car lovers’ minds.

 “This car is the ultimate expression of Mazzanti Automobili.” This is Luca Mazzanti’s introduction, the man who founded and gave the name to the car manufacturer from Tuscany “As always, the aim is to offer a car really exclusive, produced in a limited number of exemplars, and able to emphasize the real know-how deriving from the expertise, proper of the people chosen to be part of the team of Mazzanti Automobili. The most powerful street legal Hypercar ever built in Italy is an important goal, reached by my Atelier thanks to the philosophy, the passion and the determination of the all members of our team. We will be the only car manufacturer that will present a car in World Premiere at the Salone dell’Automobile Torino – Parco Valentino. This prestigious Italian event shows how the strength and the bravery of changing the rules of the game, give in the long-term a reward!”

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