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For the request of the exclusive importer and distributor of MAZZANTI automobili in China, “KE MING-SHAN L.t.d.” a new, even more extreme and powerful version is to be presented of our new supercar :“MAZZANTI EVANTRA V8”.

Inserting this new option to the mechanics beside those already available six-cylinder naturally aspirated or biturbo, we are able to give an even wider range of choice for every client to personalize their own, numberered EVANTRA, thus resulting an absolutely exlusive car of the five examples produced per year.
EVANTRA V8 is equipped with an engine V8, 7.0L and it is distinguished with some bodywork inserts which can be ordered in carbon-fiber or brused aluminium finish and a new, more significant rear wing.
The notable improvement of the engine power was accompanied by a meticulous refinement of the aerodynamics of every element of the bodywork, starting from the rear diffuser to the front splitter, the rear wing and the underbody. This refinement was carried out with CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics/ virtual aerodynamics simulation) and it made possible to re-design every inlet and outlet duct necessary for the new engine layout.  This refinement process was made with the contribution of one of our valued partners: YSIM, a company based in Parma, with notable experince in aerodynamics development  in motorsports, for example F1 or prototypes partecipating in the 24 hours of Le Mans.  
Besides Luca Mazzanti one of the most appreciated engineers has arrived as techincal supervisor: Nebojsa Borkovic. He has experience from FERRARI and TOYOTA F1, LOTUS GT e PAGANI, and he will oversee also the production cycle and the personalization execution for the EVANTRA in its every variants.
In the next weeks we will unveil the technical specifications of the 7.0L enigne and the new gearbox available for the EVANTRA, both in the versions V8 and 6 cylinders. Besides the new images of the EVANTRA V8 prepared for our importer in China will be displayed.