EVANTRA track debut !

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We have long-tested it on the roads, but Evantra wanted the track. We have fulfilled it... and it was a great success!

We have promised it and now just before our return to Top Marques Monaco Show, we have kept our word and took the Evantra to the track to see its performance in a sporty test.
Evantra had the Autodromo di Modena for a whole day only for itself. In a private session, the facility closed for the public the Evantra had its baptism on the racetrack, performing a large number of laps and grinding many kilometers, to sharpen all of the numerous details of the sporty setup.
The testing, very challenging and divided into a large number of runs, involved on one hand the drivetrain, focusing on how the power is delivered and on the other hand the chassis, with particular attention to the road holding in critical conditions.
The foggy day and the damp track were then found to be the ideal context to test the behavior of Evantra at high speeds even in situations of losing grip and at rather critical temperatures.
Great satisfaction in the pits at the end of the day of testing: Evantra in fact responded in a more than positive way, for both the drivetrain and dynamism. Where the tests gave satisfactory results even better than it already was expected based on the evidence made so far, on road and highway. Here you can find the photogallery.