First official video of EVANTRA

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Mazzanti Automobili is proud to publish today on its own YouTube channel the first official video of the latest creation: Evantra.

Luca Mazzanti explaining the logic that led to the creation of this video, makes a general assessment of the year just concluded: "2013 has been unbelievable and unforgettable: we got the attention of all the main media in the world, by The Sunday Time to Discovery Channel, by Agence- France- Presse to Al Jazeera and we were the revelation of the Top Marques Monaco Show; we have doubled the production area of the atelier of Pontedera, we purchased new equipment and set the framework for the production of new Evantras; we have gained too important new collaborators, new agents in different areas of the world, important new partner and much, much more. At the end of the year, we started the production of Evantra 01 and we took to the track for the first test of the 00, with very good results. So, with this video, we wanted something that, without being didactic, summed up well the spirit of it all. A video , this video, which we dedicate to all those who have believed and are believing in us, we feel it was the best way to do it." See the video here