Mazzanti new Logos 2016!

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Mazzanti Automobili updates its logo. During the last months, the company made several steps forward: enlarging the production and engineering facilities, increasing the staff and most important from the development point of view, with great news coming soon…

 As a natural consequence of that, the logo of Mazzanti Automobili has been edited in a “light” way, but always remaining consistent with the tradition and the origins of the brand. The badge, proper of the Tuscan car manufacturer, does not change in its shape. Gold and Blue will still be the two main colors of the logo. The first one is since always symbol of prestige and preciousness as the exclusive and artisanal supercars produced by Mazzanti Automobili are. The other one is Luca Mazzanti’s favorite color and his driver outfit during his racing period. The compass, even more stylized, has a deep meaning: it is, in fact, the symbol of the extremely valuable know-how that the company puts in all its projects and that characterizes the artisanal care of working. The Italian flag, “Tricolore”, is still on top, but becomes bigger to underline even more the origin of Luca Mazzanti and of his company. Even the symbols in the logo are more stylized: the word mark “Mazzanti Automoboli” increases its dimensions and moves to the center of the badge; becoming almost the connection between the two colors.

“Changing can be uncomfortable because of the feeling of uncertainty. On the contrary, evolving is something natural, right and proper..” Luca Mazzanti, founder of Mazzanti Automobili, explains “..Evolving is fundamental to make a brand growing. When you make important steps forward, as the ones my company made in the last months, evolving becomes the natural direction to follow. The logo of a brand is an important symbol; it is what represents the brand and what sticks in our fans ‘mind: our identity. This is why, when you evolve after a consistency and coherent way of working and doing things around you, is not a strong change, but an enthusiastic crescendo”