EVANTRA @Pontedera 13-09-2013

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Fascinating event  “Evantra meets Pontedera” in the heart of Mazzanti’s city on the 13th of September.

The event was opened by the  “ fondazione teatro Era” with the “Lisboa” show, official show of the World Cycling Championship 2013, after which the lights faded and the Mazzanti Evantra n° 00 driven by Luca Mazzanti  has arrived on the red carpet, together with a very special guest: the Major of Pontedera Simone Millozzi. The numerous spectators applauded and followed with interest the debate between Mazzanti and Millozzi who has spent many words of absolute admiration and support towards the Mazzanti company, real entrepreneur activity of excellence that brings fame to Pontedera in the world. After the greetings to the public of Pontedera, friends, suppliers and partners, Luca Mazzanti always together with the Major Millozzi took the Evantra n° 00  to a night tour around the city with a final stop next to one of the most important masterpieces of Pontedera: the impressive wall of Baj.