EVANTRA: the first car ever in the Montecarlo Casino

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In the long history of the most famous gambling salon of the world only ladies and gentlemen were entering the doors. And then Evantra did get an invitation...

Montecarlo of Monaco, 10th April 2015. Since 1863, the year of its opening the percious marble floor of the Casino of Montecarlo reflected only elegant evening shoes and finest higheel shoes. The appeal of the Evantra was so irresistible, that in more than 150 years the gates of the world-famous Casino did unfold and on that very marble the tyres of an automobile touched down: the exclusive supercar of Mazzanti Automobili, which is from today until the 20th April can be admired in the center of the atrium.
The arrival of the Evantra was especially requested by the management of the Casino on the occasion of Top Marques 2015. It turned out to be an operation quite difficult: to secure the space needed for the transport vehicle maneuvers, almost the whole Casino square had to be closed. Also the gateway, more adequate for the ladies and gentlemen then supercars took some time, since it was only a couple of millimeters wider then the Evantra itself. During the passage of the doorway the gap was measured between the sides and the opening, and it was found harldy more than the thickness of a CD.
Getting thorugh this architectural barrier with patience and determination, from today the Evantra prototype 00 from 2013 is exhibited in the atrium as the first photos show. (This version is equppied with aesthetical and aerodinamical solutions which are different from the version 2015 which will be presented at the Top Marques show, just a couple of meters away.) The Evantra will stay on display for every spectator until the 20th april.

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