Mazzanti starts the year with a spring in its step, ready to push forward with its international sales program and with new orders coming through. Then COVID arrived and the rest is history as they say.

Some areas of life continue and in May Mazzanti participates once more in the Best of Italy Race while in September the company exhibits both the Evantra and the new Evantra 771 in Bergamo at "Purosangue Arabi Bergamo 2020" alongside the world's most prestigious horses!

But overall 2020 is a constant series of challenges not just for Mazzanti but for all Italy.

Yet, despite this set-back, Mazzanti embarks on an ambitious programme to raise finance for the next stage of its expansion and at the same time to broaden public interest in the company’s activities.

This is achieved by a hugely successful crowd-funding program, first with crowdfundme in Italy followed by SEEDRS in London which ends up being over-subscribed – after all, it’s not every day you get a chance to own a little piece of an Italian hyper-car manufacturer!