2018 is spent optimising the Millecavalli ready for customisation and at the same time producing the first order of the Evantra 771.

In the first part of the year a special Evantra in an electric blue and orange livery that will evolve into the official Mazzanti colours participates in 3 different events from Taichung to Taipei, in order to present Mazzanti Automobili for the first time in Taiwan.

During one of the most significant summer events in June, the Supercar Night Parade during the Salone dell'Auto of Torino Parco Valentino, the Electric blue-Orange Evantra was one of the ‘Queens’. Alongside many other priceless hyper-cars and big characters from the automotive world, the Evantra drove through the city under the excited eyes of car enthusiasts and citizens from Turin.

After a series of successful exhibitions showing the Evantra cars at villas across Italy, this summer full of events closed with Luca Mazzanti driving the Evantra Millecavalli through the hills between Castel'Arquato and Morfasso in the Best of Italy Race and Tour 2018. On this occasion Luca unleashed more than one thousand horse-power from the new prototype, to the joy of all the car lovers who had come to see and hear it. Mazzanti Automobili was more than pleased to be awarded with the #1 as the front runner of the show.

Towards the end of the year Luca comments: "These months were challenging and exciting at the same time. We did our best to push and grow all our thrilling projects. Seeing the Evantra Millecavalli evolving in my hands and our company growing day by day is something you never get used to. We are working hard for the present and for the future and... follow up! You'll see nice stuff coming!"