1994 - 1997

In the two years following the community service, Luca goes back working in the body shop. At the end of 1996, when he is mature and ready for succeeding the father in the leadership of the body shop, the father sells the activity. This is a serious blow for Luca, that sees the place where a child was playing with cars and where a determined guy started working in order to concretize his dream, disappearing.

Luca has to start all over again, but he did not lose the willingness of pursuing his dream; he buys a Lancia Delta HF Integrale that needs a complete restoration after having had an accident: this is the only way Luca could have driven one of his dream car, because of the high price of that model. The purchase has however a deeper meaning; the restoration of such a car is the only satisfaction that in that moment is keeping Luca’s dream alive. Working as an employee does not allowed Luca to express his freedom to create and invent. The great result achieved by finishing the Lancia Delta, after many sacrifices and nights spent all over the project, seems foreseeing that despite the bad moment, something will change soon.