1998 2002

It’s 1998 and Luca is determined to start his own business so he can give full range of expression to his philosophy. But just when he has found a solid basis from which to start, Faralli’s restoration company approaches him once more to re-join their company and after some soul-searching he takes up the offer.

During this period, Luca gains essential experience and extremely important know-how as a result of restoring historic vehicles, mostly racing cars, and extremely prestigious models such as those of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Cisitalia and many others, sometimes having only few a fragments of the chassis and vintage pictures of the car to start from.

In carrying out such deep restoration, it was essential to understand exactly how different manufacturers (Pininfarina, Zagato, etc.) carried out their work so that the same techniques and materials (characteristics, thickness, etc.) would result in optimal and exceptional restorations. All these different styles consolidated Lucas’s competence and widened his vision, resulting in a solid base from which to develop his own authentic style. This was deeply conceptualized, studied and ingrained during those years so that it remains one of the key characteristics of Mazzanti Automobili

The final preparatory step for Luca would be when a client commissioned a barchetta inspired by the 50’s. The design had to be different from any other car ever produced. And so Luca Mazzanti could at last work on his dream of realizing his own brand as all his ideas previously developed came into focus.

This project, the vast know-how of Luca and the idea of his own brand, completed the puzzle: Luca now felt ready to take the next step.