1998 2002

In 1998, Luca wants to open his own activity that has to fully express his philosophy, but when he seems to have found the solid basis on which start, Faralli’s restoration company looks for him to have him back in their company.

During this period, Luca gains essential experience and learn extremely important know-how, while restoring historic vehicles, mostly racing cars, and extremely prestigious, such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati, Cisitalia and many others, sometimes having only few fragments of the chassis and vintage pictures of the car. In such deep restoration, knowing exactly how the different manufacturers (Pininfarina, Zagato, etc.) worked, was essential, in order to use the same building techniques and the same materials (characteristics, thickness, etc.) resulting in optimal and exceptionally coherent restorations. All the different styles Luca learnt, consolidated Lucas’s competences and widened his vision, resulting in solid bases on which starting his own proper style. This was deeply elaborated, conceptualized and studied those years and is still one of the main characteristics of Mazzanti Automobili The final step is reached when a client commissioned a barchetta inspired to the 50s. the design needs to be different from any other produced car. Thus, Luca Mazzanti can work on the last tile of his dream, realizing his own brand. Thanks to that, all the theories conceptualized before, now get a real shape. This project, the vast know-how of Luca and the idea of his own brand, complete the puzzle: Luca feels this is moment to make a step forward.