2003 - 2005

The idea of founding a new car manufacturer, while realizing a car, is mature in Luca Mazzanti’s mind.

However, the concept behind this brand is different from the others: Luca wants to bring back the glorious past of the small Italian car manufacturers of the 60s, in a modern company with solid bases. The examples of firms Luca has in mind, are those he works with daily, during the restoration of unique masterpieces. His idea was to bring into nowadays, a concept of car belonging to the tradition. Thus, together with Walter Faralli, Luca makes the first sketches of the brand (known at the time as Faralli & Mazzanti – F&M Auto) and of a car that will be known as Antas

Antas has a strong philosophy that will be the solid starting point for the other cars projected and created by Luca. Antas has a mechanic part derived from the Maserati of the 60s. the car is like a bridge in between the past and the modern times, where the classic style of body shows modern features by Mazzanti styleThe Antas project lasts after the beginning of 2005, where all the parts: the body, entirely hand-made in aluminum, the other parts of the mechanic project, the chassis and so forth, were made during the nights or during the weekends, in order not to sacrifice the time for the restorations which was still the main activity.