In April, Antas is presented to the Top Marques Monaco show. Until then, the brand was barely known, and during that event the competitors were brands with stronger history and brand awareness among the supercar fans.

At that time, none was thinking of a possible crisis, and the supercar manufacturers were working hard on maximizing the performances of their models. When Antas was shown during the exhibition, was refined and functioning in all its parts. The consistency and the strong coherence proper of Luca Mazzanti suggested him that the best way of show and convince people about skills and capabilities, is with facts: during each event and exhibition were brought always real cars to be shown to the numerous car lovers; Luca Mazzanti never brought rendering and or simple maquette. Moreover, during the 2006 Top Marques there was also an intriguing video, which also amazed the public, showing the project and the entire artisanal realization of the Antas. In fact, this model was entirely hand-built in aluminum, created and realized by the sole Luca Mazzanti and Walter Faralli.