In April the Antas is exhibited at the 2006 Top Marques Monaco show. Until then the brand was barely known and Mazzanti “rubbed shoulders” at the event with many better known brands with long histories and brand awareness among the supercar fraternity.

At that time nobody imagined the world would be plunged into economic crisis within just a couple of years and supercar manufacturers were still working hard on optimising performance of their models.

When the Antas appeared at the exhibition it was a fully-functioning, sophisticated product: Luca was certain that the best way to show his cars and to convince people about their skills and capabilities lay in a fact-driven approach: during each event and exhibition he always brought real cars to show the public – he would never rely solely on a simple maquette or impression.

During the Top Marques show Luca played a fascinating video which astonished visitors, showing how the entire Antas project was implemented including its artisanal realization. In fact, this model was entirely hand-built in aluminium, created and realized solely by Luca Mazzanti and Walter Faralli.