This year the close partnership with Top Marques is renewed: Albert II, Prince of Monaco, uncovers himself the Antas, reinvigorated and updated by an elegant aerodynamic blue carbon kit.

Moreover, companies, become then historical partners of Mazzanti Automobili, as OZ, ask to join the project. Antas gets even more attention than the previous year by the public, and many requests for interviews and covers on international magazines; international media come to Tuscany for having the possibility of personally seeing the Antas. Right after the Top Marques, Luca Mazzanti is contacted by Warner Bros production asking the Antas for the movie “Speed Racer” by Wachowski brothers (producers of Matrix). Beside the great satisfaction, this was for Luca a great surprise: seeing the car he was dreaming of, since he was a child, becoming reality and being asked to take part to a movie inspired by the cartoon series he was in love with, during the 80s.