The second project of the company, the Vulca, is sold enabling the company to focus on its main activities – restoration and the development of the third project, the Evantra.

However, the increasing demands for both restoration of vehicles and the new Evantra project forces a decision to split the company so it is better suited to each activity. Mazzanti Automobili and the restoration department are therefore formally divided on an amicable basis with Luca taking on the Evantra program and Walter Faralli the restoration business.

In April, Luca Mazzanti builds two one-off projects for two different clients; those projects give Luca the resources to start his career in Mazzanti Automobili as an independent car manufacturer.

May sees a new order and also the completion of the design phase of the first Evantra, Model 00, the fully functioning concept vehicle.

Within a month, production of the maquette-shell (scale of 1:1) for the prototype Evantra commences; this can still be seen ten years later in the Mazzanti showroom in Pontedera.

In June the logo undergoes its first restyling to mark the important step forward achieved through the Evantra, Mazzanti Automobili’s first limited run supercar epitomising the philosophy of the brand.

By the end of the year, the move to the workshops in Pontedera is complete and the future beckons.