2012 starts with the exhibition of the rendering and paint finishes for the Evantra. This is a new chapter for Luca Mazzanti and immediately the new project receives a positive welcome from the public.

International journalists and television crews return once more to Pontedera to find out more about this new Mazzanti Automobili Supercar. Thanks to the history and past record of the company which already allowed it to build a global following, the firm is recognised as an example of the new reality emerging from a global crisis that has caused so much damage to Italian companies. Meanwhile, the maquette-shell stage comes to an end as prototype 00 proceeds into construction.

2012 also sees an increase in merchandising with FrontiArt requesting a licensing agreement from Mazzanti Automobili to produce scale model cars of the Evantra brand, while Ravensburger seek a license for a card game based on supercars. Clothing companies also approach Mazzanti Automobili, producing exclusive accessories such as watches, all inspired by the Evantra.

During the year, construction of the Evantra 00 continues, new machines are bought and there is an increase in the company’s own skilled workforce with a focus on preserving the artisanal roots of the company.

By the end of the year, Mazzanti Automobili starts an important collaboration in China with an order for the second car in the Evantra series – Evantra 01 - being ordered from there. This will be the first model in the limited production series.