In April, Mazzanti Automobili is again at the Top Marques show for the World Premiere of the Evantra. Luca Mazzanti decides to return to this exhibition for the launch in part for symbolic reasons: the Top Marques show marked the positive debut of his brand back in 2005.

Prince Albert II of Monaco, a long-standing fan of Mazzanti Automobili, unveils the Evantra 00 in front of the most important international media.

Everyone is amazed by this example of Italian excellence: that in the midst of the global economic crisis, a small company from Pontedera is capable of such a masterpiece is astonishing.  


The success of the event is a testimony to the sacrifices that Luca Mazzanti and his wife, Ornella, have made so far in building their own family company from nothing.

Media from all over the world, such as Al Jazeera, AFP, Canale 5, Rai News and many others, are fascinated by this unusual Italian company, competing with other, better established brands.

The second half of 2013 sees the production of the Evantra 01 start while testing of the Evantra 00 proceeds. Then, in October, Sony invites Mazzanti to consider joining its DriveClub game for PlayStation4.

At the end of the year the Evantra 00 is tested at Modena on its famous circuit.