This year sees more orders of Evantra.

Mazzanti Automobili opens new agency collaborations in several countries around the world. The company grows again, increasing the production facilities and augmenting the personnel. The production of the new exemplars, starts. In the meantime, the Evantra 01 is pursuing a long and hard road test to fix the numerous improvements. This particular exemplar participates also to several national and international events in order to interact more and more with a growing public of fans. New licensing contracts are signed with mobile games companies. During another edition of the Top Marques in Monaco, an exemplar of Evantra is invited as being the first car in the history, to be shown inside the prestigious Casino of Monte-Carlo. Mazzanti Automobili makes also important step in the communication; new channels and new contents are produced in order to improve the communication with the international demanding public. This approach did not diminished the great amount of concrete work, since always, synonym of the brand.