2016 begins with a series of episodes that announces the Evantra Millecavalli, the most powerful road-legal Hypercar ever built in Italy.

This extreme version of Evantra comes after a 10 video teasers path , in which Luca Mazzanti explains the technical aspects behind this ultimate Italian Hypercar. The official world premiere at the second edition of the Salone Auto Torino - Parco Valentino is an extraordinary success: more than 650.000 visitors among all ages came to see the new Mazzanti. EVO magazine Italia tests the Evantra 01, at its last development stage; the article is published on the Dec 2015 -Jan 2016 edition. Evantra gets 2 coverpages and is published on the prestigious paper catalog. Quattroruote, the Italian landmark for cars lovers, due to the important steps and the solidity of the brand, decides to include the "Evantra" model and "Mazzanti Automobili" in its official online list; the credibility of the brand is strengthen even more thanks to this. 

From the autumn 2016 on, Mazzanti Automobili had been working on a new upgrade of its Mazzanti Evantra: at the world famous Motorshow of Bologna of December 2016, the Mazzanti Evantra 771 is officially presented. The pack “771” is a mechanical and aerodynamic upgrade for those who are willing to emphasize even more the racing character of their Evantra!