1980 - 1985

During his early school years Luca began his first attempts at modifying the toy cars to play with friends. “Disassembling” and “modifying” were the key words of that game - fantasy and reality were still travelling side by side.

The same period also saw the first attempts at creating something “different”, something “invented” from Luca Mazzanti’s own mind.

His passion for car racing continued but in those years “Group C”, the home of endurance races such as the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans, appealed most to Luca. All these different activities, still perceived as a game by a young boy, developed Luca’s strong passion for cars.

Despite his young age, it was during this period that Luca first started to accompany his father to the workshop in Pistoia. Because of his young age, an enthusiasm for dirt bikes provided a substitute for cars and he took to improving his own bike, using it to provide the thing that cars and motorbikes have in common: speed.