1980 - 1985

During the years of primary school, Luca started his first trials in modifying the toy cars with which he was playing with friends. “Disassembling and Modifying” were the key words of that game, were fantasy and reality were still going side by side.

From the same period are also the first attempts in drawing something “different” and “invented” but already clear in Luca Mazzanti’s mind. The ongoing passion for car races continues, but in those years the “Group C”, protagonists of the endurance races as the legendary 24hours of Le Mans, appeal Luca at most. All these different activities, still perceived as a game by a child, strengthen the strong passion of Luca, for cars. In this period, nevertheless his young age; Luca started to approach and go to  his father’s workshop in Pistoia. Because of the young age, the passion and the hobby for dirt bikes takes over the cars. He started to improve a dirt bike and using it in  The things that both cars and motorbikes have in common and that Luca was looking for, was the speed, not matter if from two or four wheels.