Luca Mazzanti, founder and principal owner of Mazzanti Automobili, was born in 1974. His huge enthusiasm for the automotive sector comes from a genuine passion he has had for cars from an early age.

Luca’s experience and know-how developed out of his career as a body shop mechanic and as an expert in building racing cars  and restoring prestigious classic cars. Moreover, he has personally participated in both nationally and internationally recognised races involving historic sports-prototypes which have been individually restored.

More recently, Luca Mazzanti focused his career on producing one-off Supercars such as the Antas, entirely handmade and characterized by extremely personal styling; this has been the foundation for his current activity at Mazzanti Automobili, one of only a handful of truly independent Supercar manufacturers in the world.

It is the experience and expertise of Luca Mazzanti, gained through working in the Automotive sector over more than twenty-five years, that has resulted today in the highest quality and extreme attention to detail which characterise each of the exclusive models made by Mazzanti Automobili.

The 21st Century has seen Mazzanti Automobili gain a reputation for reliability and expertise amongst the most prestigious manufacturers in the Automotive world, earning the brand both global recognition and respect. Such prestige and fame are the result of the credibility acquired over many years from always producing genuinely cutting-edge products. The Evantra, the group’s tailor-made Supercar, epitomises each of these elements of excellence.

The mission of Mazzanti Automobili is to restore the automobile to its role as a status-symbol, especially today when market trends all too often dominate genius and creativity.

Each Mazzanti Automobili Supercar is characterized by its own vibrant personality, forged from true passion. The company’s dedication to true craftsmanship results in masterpieces, each radiating supreme quality and care in every detail.

Mazzanti Automobili makes the dreams of the most demanding car lover become reality, thanks to the extreme degree of personalization available so that each model becomes a unique object, specifically adapted to its owner’s requirements.