Evantra Pura


The Evantra – from 2021 the “Evantra Pura” - is Mazzanti Automobili’s exclusive luxury Supercar, tailor-made by hand in Tuscany. Only five Evantras in this range are produced every year and each is individually developed and customized to further emphasize its uniqueness.
The Evantra’s philosophy focuses on the pleasure of driving: lightness, power and balance, usually hard to combine, are brought into an equilibrium with the driver being an integral part of the whole. The car weighs only 1,290 kg and this is concentrated at its centre so that when combined with its 761hp this gives a true ‘Racing Feel’ through its resulting handling and responsiveness. Yet at the same time, this Supercar retains its comfort making it perfectly suited for everyday use. Every single component of the Evantra is conceived, designed and realized in order to contribute to the driving sensation.
The development and the assembly of every Evantra takes place entirely within Tuscany, the Italian region famous the world over for its artistic masterpieces and of which the Evantra is a proud part. In line with Mazzanti Automobili’s tradition, the Evantra name comes directly from the Etruscan language spoken by the ancient people of Tuscany, the word “Evantra” representing their goddess of immortality. This symbol of eternity embraces the ideals underpinning Luca Mazzanti’s Evantra.
It is in the Evantra that the philosophy and ideas of Mazzanti Automobili converge, creating a new kind of Supercar which has been freed from the constraints normally imposed by trends in the car market and releasing within it a purity of soul. Through this, Mazzanti Automobili seeks to engage with lovers of exclusive Supercars, the few true enthusiasts who crave a tailor-made automobile and who value their own Supercar as a most unique and precious jewel.



Style / Concept:

The Evantra’s extremely dynamic and balanced design was personally conceived by Luca Mazzanti who created a style that departed from the traditional and usual mid-engine Supercar layout characterized by a short front section and a long wheelbase and rear section.
This approach underpins the strong and unique personality of our Supercar: a design harmonising opposing concepts previously considered too far apart to reconcile. The inspiration comes directly from the undulating landscapes for which Tuscany is famous and known the world over: Tuscan hills cut by winding roads demonstrate perfect equilibrium and coexistence between the classical and the modern. The same equilibrium is reflected in the blending of the Evantra’s surfaces, the fender lines merging seamlessly into the body of the car. In this, the Evantra has inherited the typical styles developed by Mazzanti Automobili in its previous models but here, in the Evantra, the design takes on a more modern, even aggressive appearance.
Each car’s detailing incorporates the most up-to-date technical solutions, characterized by the highest quality for which Mazzanti Automobili is well known. Such parts include the shape of the LED lights and the precise and neat outlines and connections of the air inlets and outlets around the car. These very different elements have been merged together through harmonious design to create this unique Supercar, the Evantra.
At the same time the Evantra is extremely functional in every aspect: its reverse-opening doors, unknown before Mazzanti Automobili introduced them in the Evantra, give a dynamism to the classical look of the car even when it is stationary. The opened doors are evocative of an eagle in the act of attacking its prey and yet the design of the doors also includes a functional purpose allowing for ergonomically optimised access for the driver in addition to enabling a much higher side-chassis than for average cars. This results in an increased rigidity and responsiveness within the chassis itself, adding to the overall ‘race’ sensation when driving.
Behind this masterpiece lie the true passion and expertise of Luca Mazzanti who conceived and designed the Evantra, accompanied by the efforts of the many people who participate in creating each car.
The ‘Evantra Project’ required thousands of working hours and was developed using the most cutting edge technologies including CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations, structural analysis and tensional rigidity simulation on materials and components while still remaining totally handmade.
In this way, care and quality are kept at the highest level: every single component is the result of a process that keeps the Evantra philosophy at its epicentre. The result is that the Evantra is able to reconcile elements which are normally difficult to harmonize with each other, a concept very different from today’s market trends.
The Evantra epitomises the great technical precision and typical stylish identity for which Italian engineering is known while at its heart lies a powertrain with "absolute" performance, all perfectly merged in form and function just like a beautiful symphony. 



The Evantra’s chassis is made from high-tensile boxed-section frame steel combined with molybdenum chrome.
The cockpit has a high side line which results in an excellent level of protection for the occupants in the event of side impact and in an extremely high torsional stiffness typical of a race car. It is precisely incorporated into the car body through a roll-cage made of molybdenum chrome: this union translates into an extremely rigid, responsive and safe chassis.
The internal comfort is extraordinary due to the high-level of care that Mazzanti Automobili dedicates to the chassis dynamics. A subframe chassis, also made of molybdenum chrome, is anchored to the monocoque with 14 bolts and its impressive rigidity facilitates disassembly for the purpose of maintenance of the powertrain unit.
Indeed the subframe chassis is specifically designed and adapted to accommodate the powertrain engine/transmission unit: the most central and lowest position possible was chosen, a solution successfully implemented thanks to the position of the fuel tank. While it is normal to have this placed between the cockpit and the mid-engine, in the Evantra the fuel tank is located between the front-axle and the cockpit.  


The body is typical of a 2-seat coupé and several parts of the body can be adapted on request in hand-hammered aluminium, made possible through the vast know-how of Mazzanti Automobili.
Moreover, the Evantra is also unique in another respect: behind the engine, positioned in the middle part of the chassis just like on the best pedigree race cars, there is a more than generous boot (bigger than the majority of other Supercars in this market segment), making the Evantra a genuine ‘Grand Tourer’. In this way, the Evantra broke the unspoken rule that a real and extreme Supercar could not be used in everyday life. 


The interiors are tailor-made to reflect the client’s own wishes: Luca Mazzanti’s own materials expertise enables the use of leather conditioned with a special aniline leather treatment to give an incredibly soft feel. Every customization is possible ranging from tints to special materials including exotic leathers and precious fibres.
The driver’s position is adapted to the size of the client, discussed and tested during personal meetings at our Pontedera Atelier. While this ritual is normally only reserved for the most prestigious racing cars, it is our belief this allows the client to better appreciate the tailor-made quality of which we are capable: the car needs to fit perfectly, just as with an expensive tailor-made suit.
The central console is equipped with a dash and data acquisition system with a head-unit also being available together with the latest generation of touch-controls, infotainment and Bluetooth connectivity.
The engine starter button is designed with the “Tricolore” flag of Italy in mind and, in typical "Mazzanti" style, is located in the roof panel in honour of an earlier model, the fabulous blue Antas. Beside the stylish sports steering wheel (with integrated Airbag system), a specific racing steering wheel is also available. This bespoke option includes LED lights and a display showing the gear selection and various information typical of race cars to help with decision-making while on the racetrack. As with real race cars, two static paddles are located behind the steering wheel and in order to change gears in comfort, their position is matched according to the palm prints of the client. 


Characteristics & Performance:

The powerful mechanical heart of the Evantra is an aluminium V8 6.2 Litre.
The supercharged engine is capable of developing 761 Hp @ 6300 rpm and 910 Nm @ 4300 rpm. The engine shares some features with an American V8 block thanks to the traditional inspiration that drives the Evantra: during the 60s many artisanal Italian sportscar manufacturers used American blocks which, when combined with inimitable Italian styling, created immortal masterpieces.
However, the genius of Luca Mazzanti lay in wanting something more, something unique that only an Italian heart is able to offer. The result is a genuine new 6.2 Litre V8 “Mazzanti Automobili engine”, capable of 761hp, all completely engineered and made in Italy.
The engine has a compression ratio of 11:1, a dry sump lubrication system and valves along with connecting rods in titanium. Moreover, the engine is very light and has a very low and centralised position which provides extreme balance at high speed and an instantaneous response. It is this engine position, specifically selected by Luca Mazzanti, that allows the Evantra to have a discrete trunk space, enough for travel bags like a proper GT car.
The gearbox is a new 7 speed manual : the only Italian hypercar equipped with this layout
The aerodynamics are not just a masterpiece in design: in fact, the development process was progressed in collaboration with a company having notable experience in F1 and Le Mans endurance racing.
The power of the Evantra V8 is transferred to the road thanks to special high performance tyres from Michelin - 255/35 R19 (front) and 315/30 R20 (rear), mounted on special OZ alloy wheels.
The braking system comes from Brembo, formed by 380mm discs with 6 piston calipers in the front and 360mm discs with 4 piston calipers at the back (a carbon-ceramic system is optional).
The Evantra can therefore accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in less than 3 seconds with the acceleration coming from the rear axle as in truly authentic race cars. Combined with the features mentioned above, this enables the Evantra to reach a maximum speed in excess of 360 kph.
All these features show that well-known international companies enthusiastically choose to partner with us in the Evantra Project; their experience and their belief in us propel us ever forwards, setting our limits higher each time, always trying to offer our clients something new with the highest performance and quality but always characterized by the genuine passion of our unmistakably Italian style.

Technical Specifications:

Engine Layout:
8 cylinders V
Engine capacity:
6200 cc.
761 hp @ 6300 rpm
910 NM @ 4300 rpm
7 speed manual
Acceleration (0-100 kph):
2.9 seconds
Max Speed:
over 360 kph
4325 mm
1955 mm
1225 mm
Wheel base:
2550 mm
Kerb weight:
1290 kg
High-tensile boxed-section frame steel with molybdenum chrome
Type Front/Rear McPherson/ McPherson (adjustable opt)
Brakes & Tyres
Brembo, Brake Discs, Front 380 mm – Rear 360 mm (Carboceramics) Front Calipers 6 pistons – Rear 4 pistons
Michelin, front 255/35 R19 – rear 315/30 R20
OZ racing, front 9.5” x 19”/rear 12” x 20”
Production Limit:
5 cars per year