Evantra Millecavalli is the extreme version of the Supercar Evantra presented in 2013 at Top Marques Monaco. Luca Mazzanti aimed at putting together all the important steps and improvements made until now, thanks to his skills and those of his team, developed during years of work. Evantra Millecavalli is equipped with a new 7.2 L V8 bi-turbo engine, capable of 1000 hp and of a torque higher than 1200 Nm directly to the rear wheels; this layout, combined with a specifically developed six-speed sequential gearbox, allows the Hypercar to destroy the 0-60 mph in only 2.7 seconds, reaching the speed of 250 mph, also thanks to the kerb weight of just 1300 kg. These performances are controlled by the brand new carbon-ceramic brakes, specifically developed for Mazzanti Automobili, exploiting Motorsport technology, that permit to stop from 300 kph to 0 in only 7 seconds.

“Our new Hypercar, Evantra Millecavalli, is an arrival point for us. Not an absolute arrival, but the result of the meticulous work and the refining process that have been started since the delivery of the Evantra project. I strongly believe that a car manufacturer shouldn’t be completely satisfied by the results just achieved, always aiming at perfecting them all the time. Our Atelier had to work really hard to develop such an important project, after only two years since the debut of the Supercar Evantra. Nevertheless, the passion, the enthusiasm and the excellent competences of my team and mine, permitted us to complete this goal partly paid-off by the first three “Millecavalli-clients” which commissioned their Hypercars already during the pure planning phase. “Evantra MILLECAVALLI” wants to be a Hypercar for few passionate owners, built in a limited number of 25 exemplars that will be made contextually with the five annual units of Evantra. Both versions share the same DNA of pure craftsmanship and total focus on each client’s wishes that take shape in every Mazzanti exemplar, creating unique and exclusive models. The excellent performance of the MILLECAVALLI version marks an Italian record that makes us extremely proud. My tailor-made automobiles reflects my idea of Supercars entirely; in fact, I have been dreaming of my own car, different from all others, since I was a child. Every exemplar is thought to fully reflect the personality of the owner, still keeping the unmistakable Mazzanti style. My way of interpreting the automobile, has always been by considering it a protagonist, leaving plenty of room for the direct sensations of the driver that has to live an intense and thrilling experience in first person."

Style / Concept:

The design of Evantra Millecavalli is an evolution of the already dynamic and balanced Evantra design. Luca Mazzanti developed this ultimate Hypercar focusing on the sport side of the project, already having the concept of Evantra as solid starting point.

Evantra Millecavalli develops an extreme and thrilling design that includes numerous brand new aerodynamic elements. The project is entirely developed by Mazzanti Automobili’s team, together with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulations, structural analysis and tensional rigidity simulation on materials and components. The choice of a completely renovated aerodynamics comes from the exigence of entirely exploiting the enormous potential of these thrilling performances. The carbon-fiber aerodynamics appendixes that are all over the body, together with the complex air duct and extraction systems, allow to fully exploit the air flow, turning this passive natural element into an active force.

 The brand new “Biplano” rear wing is extremely important, not only for being a refined stylistic element, but for marking a relevant evolutionary step for the performance of Evantra Millecavalli. This rear wing has the task of balance the Hypercar at high speed, still granting an effective grip over 400 kph. Moreover, the system that extract forcedly the heat from the engine compartment, thanks to two fans specifically designed and engineered, directs the hot flux to the wing, making it working effectively also at low speed. This solutions was introduced in recent time by Formula 1 cars, and Evantra Millecavalli by Mazzanti Automobili is the first street-legal car that uses this technology.

The Biplano wing is equipped with three LED bars that can be programmed with different function, as tail lights or brake lights.

Evantra Millecavalli is extremely functional and concrete in every aspect. The opening of the doors gives a certain dynamism to the look of this Hypercar, even when it is stationary. The open doors remind of a bird of prey in the act of attacking its target. The choice of the doors has also a functional meaning. In fact, they enable to have a much higher side-chassis than the average cars. This results in an increase of rigidity and reactivity of the chassis itself, augmenting the Race feeling. The side-chassis of Evantra Millecavalli has a completely new design in force of aerodynamics, meant to use every centimeter in favor of performance.

The design of the muffler is also brand-new and it has four outlets that create a very particular geometric figure; two are for the exhaust system while the other two are for the wastegates. In the center there is a LED light that can work as a fog light as well as “Pit lane” mode for the trackdays.

Behind this masterpiece, there are the true passion and the expertise of Luca Mazzanti who conceptualized and designed the Evantra Millecavalli, and of all the people that participate in realizing each exemplar. The project required thousands of working hours and used the most modern technologies: every singles component has as final goal Evantra Millecavalli philosophy.

Thus, Evantra Millecavalli is able to conciliate elements difficult to harmonize with each other. The result is a personal concept far from nowadays market trends. An extreme and refined mechanics together with typically Italian lines, gave birth to a street-legal Hypercar with a lot in common with pure race cars.


The chassis of Evantra Millecavalli has a a starting point the Evantra’s one, but reinforced. It is made with high-tensile boxed-section frame steel and with molybdenum chrome. The cockpit has a high side line, which results in an excellent protection level for the occupants in case of side impact and in an extremely high torsional stiffness proper of a Race car. It is connected with a roll-cage, made of molybdenum chrome, perfectly integrated in the car body: this union is translated into an extremely rigid, reactive and safe chassis. The internal comfort is extraordinary, due to the high-level of care that Mazzanti Automobili dedicates to the dynamism. A subframe chassis, made of molybdenum chrome too, is anchored to the monocoque with 14 bolts, and its impressive rigidity is combined to the extremely easy way of disassembly in case of maintenance of the powertrain unit. This subframe chassis is studied and developed for the powertrain engine/transmission unit: the most centered and low position was chosen. This solution was successfully implemented also thanks to the position of the fuel tank. While usually it is placed between the cockpit and the mid-engine, in the Evantra the tank is located between the front-axle and the cockpit.


The body is typical of a 2-seats coupé and is made in carbon-fiber. Some parts of the body can be tailor-made on request to increase further the prestige of the single exemplar; carbon- look*, aluminum hand-hammered*, remark the vast know-how of Mazzanti Automobili. Evantra Millecavalli is ten centimeters wider than the Evantra model; this characteristic, that is a need for the extreme performances, contributes to make the design more muscle, but still keeping the line of this extreme version, fluent. Behind the engine, positioned in the middle part of the chassis, like almost the entire race cars with an excellent pedigree, there is a more than generous boot: another unique feature of this Hypercar, more than rare in this segment. Thus Evantra Millecavalli is an extreme Hypercar, engaging to drive and enjoyable on the long distance.


The interiors of this Hypercar are also tailor-made following the client’s wishes: the competences and the extremely valuable know-how of companies leader in developing full “all-natural leather” interiors, permit the use of precious leather refined with special aniline leather treatment that gives an incredible soft touch. The client can ask for every customization, so the imagination is the limit. Drawing from tints, special materials, including exotic leather and precious fibers.

The driver’s position is set up according to the size of the client, discussed and tested during a personal meeting in our Atelier. This ritual distinguishes only the most prestigious Race cars, but according to our philosophy, it is essential to make the client feeling the tailor-made attitude we are capable of. The car needs to fit perfectly, as a precious tailor-made suit.

The central console is specifically designed for this series of 25 units, and developed by Mazzanti Automobili and its partner ID4Motion. The MFT (Mazzanti Full Touch) is the new wide touch screen with which is possible to manage all the entertainment functions, navigation system, audio interface, phone, climate controls and engine setups*. The signature of Mazzanti Automobili is also present in the engine starter button, designed as a refined tribute to the “Tricolore” Italian flag. This is well placed into the roof panel as a recall of the previous model Antas and Evantra.

Beside the stylish sport steering wheel with the Airbag system, a specific Racing steering wheel is available. This bespoke option includes shifting LED lights and a display with the gears indicator and several information proper of race cars, in order to know what is important on the racetrack. Like in the real Race cars, two static paddles are placed behind the steering wheel. In order to change gears always in comfort, their position is studied according to the palm prints of the client.

Characteristics & Performance:

Evantra Millecavalli is equipped with a brand new aluminum V8 7.2 L Bi-turbo engine, capable of the thrilling performances of 1000 hp and 1210 Nm of torque at 6500 rpm, that turn this Italian Hypercar into the most powerful road-legal vehicle ever built in Italy. The engine of each of the 25 exemplars is realized and assembled by the team of Mazzanti Automobili, using some parts from the motorsport world, but without any part in common with other manufacturers. This marks another important step forward for the company of Luca Mazzanti. In this way, the technical know-how of Mazzanti Automobili is underlined once more, because the company is capable of managing entirely the project and the development of engine built ad hoc for this new Hypercar.

Thus, Evantra Millecavalli destroys the 0 – 100 in only 2.7 seconds, keeping its DNA of a rear traction car, like the pure race cars. The engine has a compression ratio of 9:1; the lubrication system is with a dry sump, while the valves and the connecting rods are made in titanium.

Moreover, the engine is very light and has a really low and central position which provide an extreme balance at high speed and instantaneous reactivity. The specific engine position, chosen and required directly by Luca Mazzanti, allows the Evantra Millecavalli to have also a discrete space in the trunk, capable of travel bags, almost like a GT car.

The gearbox is 6-speed is sequential, with also the possibility of having a full automatic mode that combined with the characteristics above mentioned, pushes Evantra Millecavalli up to a maximum speed of over 400 Kph), with an acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h (0 – 60 mph) far below the 3 seconds. The aerodynamic is not just a design masterpiece; in fact, the development process was realized in partnership with a company with notable experience in F1 and Le mans races.

The performance of the Evantra Millecavalli is transferred onto the tarmac thanks to special high performance tires from Pirelli, Trofeo R, 265/35 R19 front and 335/30 R20 rear, mounted on special OZ alloy wheels. The Carbon-ceramic* braking system is specifically developed for Evantra Millecavalli and is equipped with 390mm discs in the front and 360mm discs in the rear axle, with Brembo 6 piston calipers in the front and 4 piston calipers in the back.

All these characteristics show that well-known worldwide companies participate enthusiastically in our project with partnerships; their experience and their belief in us, push us in setting our limits higher every time, always trying to offer our clients something new, high performing and top quality, but always characterized by the genuine passion of the unmistakable Italian style.

*special parts, exclusively available on request. They can differ among the single exemplars.

Technical Specifications:

Car Manufacturer:
Mazzanti Automobili
Evantra Millecavalli
V 8
Engine capacity:
7200 cc.
1000 hp
1210,5 NM a 6500 rpm
Acceleration (0-100 kph):
2.7 seconds
Top speed:
over 400 km/h
4425 mm
2008 mm
1225 mm
Wheel base:
2550 mm
Kerb weight:
1300 kg
Brakes & Tyres
Carbon-ceramic - front 390 mm – rear 360 mm - Calipers front 6 pistons – rear 4 pistons
Pirelli P Zero, front 265/35 R19 – rear 335/30 R20
OZ racing, front 9,5” x 19” – rear 12” x 20”


The birth of the Hypercar Evantra Millecavalli displayed in the ten chpaters dedicated to its creation.